Why Indy United?

Why Are Your Tryouts Later Than Other Clubs?

We want to ensure a safe return to school as our first priority.

If We Are Offered A Spot On Another Club With A Deadline, What Should We Do?

We encourage you to explore what Indy United can offer you prior to making a decision about the very best fit for your athlete.  

What If I Cannot Make the Indy United Evaluation Date?

We strongly encourage you to attend. If you cannot, complete registration online for the evaluation at www.indylacrosseclub.com, then email us at indylacrosse@gmail.com. We may request to contact your coach for feedback.

What Are The Teams I Can Be Evaluated For?

We offer the following youth teams: Indy 2025, Indy 2026, Indy 2027, Indy 2028/2029

And the following High School teams: Indy 2022, Indy 2023, Indy 2024, Indy Midwest

You can find more information about our teams and structures at www.indylacrosseclub.com > Summer 2021

Why Indy United?

Our coaches and our relationships with college coaches!