Why Indy United?

Why Are Your Tryouts Later Than Other Clubs? We want to ensure a safe return to school as our first priority. If We Are Offered A Spot On Another Club With A Deadline, What Should We Do? We encourage you to explore what Indy United can offer you prior to making a decision about the…


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Welcome to INdy Lacrosse Club

Indy Lacrosse Club is dedicated to the development of the girl's lacrosse in the state of Indiana.

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Indy Womens Lacrosse
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Indy United Lacrosse Teams

Indy United strives to offer both regional and national competition experiences for lacrosse players looking to play at the next level.

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Indoor Leagues, CLinics & Camps

Indy United hosts seasonal leagues, clinics, camps and specialized training opportunities for athletes wanting to take their game to new heights.

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Never. Stop. Playing.  Join our annual Women's Summer League and love lacrosse for a lifetime.

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