Who We Are


In 2023, we celebrate 13 years of Indy Womens Lacrosse!

Indy Women's Lacrosse is a post-collegiate group of women living in and around Indianapolis who share a common interest of loving the sport of lacrosse. Indy Women members are collegiate and post-collegiate athletes from every level of the game and many of them are coaches and/or officials within our state. Indy Lacrosse Club formed the first post-collegiate women's league in 2011 and has seen tremendous growth every year. We are working to organize continued competitive playing experiences through practices, games and tournaments. We look to bring together female athletes who want to continue to be involved in lacrosse within Indiana.

Practices are typically scheduled around upcoming events, and held at convenient times and locations. Varied level of commitments are supported, so if you think your job and family obligations are too much to play, think again! Please consider joining us.

Register now for the Indy Women's contact information page. No payment necessary, and you will not need to have confirmed USA Lacrosse membership to register. If you do choose to play with us however, current USA Lacrosse membership will be required for any events in which you participate.